Project Description


A Selection of Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque Arms and Armour

Another hidden collection brought out of decades of obscurity … another journey into the mysterious world of antique arms and armour.

With his extraordinary and impressive eye for detail and composition, Carlo Paggiarino has a rare feel for “the objects” and sees them as masterpieces of outstanding craftsmanship and beauty. He plays with light and shade to bring the artefacts alive rendering them so vividly that they seem to jump out of the page, as if they are in 3D. His photos might seem unusual at first, but they capture what is special about each item in an extraordinary manner.

This publication is a art book in every sense of the word. Not a standard series of photographs but a set of portraits capturing the uniqueness of each and every item. There is not one image that fails to do full justice to the craftsmanship being routinely wrought in steel, gold, leather and fabrics across the spectrum. Shiny surfaces, corroded metals, wrinkled hides, decayed woods, worn out fabrics … all transfigured and transcending.

When the communication achieves an equivalent originality and power of its own, the result is a publication of unique and genuine charisma.