Project Description


Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque Arms and Armour and Works of Art

When Carlo Paggiarino’s extraordinary talent meets an exceptional collection like the Bavarian National Museum’s, the result can be no less than spectacular.

Carlo Paggiarino’s camera and lights are the modern Old Masters’ brushes and scalpels. His photographs bridge yesterday representations of deadly warfare and chivalry tournaments with the contemporary and exclusive fashion and design world.

Conceived by his unique and personal minimalistic aesthetic vision, this publication should be regarded as the ultimate invaluable tool for both academics looking for deep understanding of construction methods and decoration techniques and enthusiast collectors eager to learn the 6Ws (who, what, when, where and why) of arms and armour.

In his artistic journey, “The Bavarian National Museum” is perhaps the most mature work released so far by Carlo Paggiarino. Definitely a legacy of his love of arms and armour and a tribute to a splendid collection.

Simply a must have for all arms and armour lovers.